Water Resource District

The Steele County Water Resource District meets the first Tuesday of each month. The board of managers is comprised of three members who are appointed by the County Commission. The duty of the managers is to control dams and dikes as well as drainage in the county. Any road crossing, state, county and federal townships or railroads shall cooperate with the district in the placing and sizing of the culverts.

The District is also charged with the maintenance of existing assessment drains and building of new drains. Other duties include the management of rivers and natural drains and the plugged of abandoned wells. The managers also are called upon to settle disputes over drainage complaints by consulting experts in various fields.

Beaver Dam Policy & Application
The purpose of the policy is to remove obstructions in ditches and natural watercourses that can lead to the slowdown of water draining and reduce the capacity of the system to move water. Such obstructions can lead to loss of crop and have other negative impacts on infrastructure.

The Steele County Water Resource District will annually allocate such funds as the Board of Managers deems appropriate from the District's general fund for the purpose of removing beaver dams and to control the beaver population within the District. Upon application of landowner or other interested party, the District will contribute up to $500 towards for the removal of the beaver and their dams. Contribution of funds will be awarded once per year per location.

Prior to payment being made, an application must be submitted and adequate proof such as receipts for removal must be presented before contribution from the District will be paid for said removal. Contribution is subject to availability of funding.

Applicants are responsible for compliance with state and federal laws and permitting requirements.