Steele County Townships

The North Dakota Board of Township Directors and the Steele County Township Officers believe the following statement embodies the philosophy. 

We believe in the Democratic ideal of government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Towards this ideal, we feel that the best and the most responsive government is that government, which is closest to the people, the township. The members of the North Dakota Township Officers Association will endeavor to act to establish, to implement, and to protect the rights of its citizens at this basic level. We affirm our belief in our National Constitution and our national unity, which provides the basis in which democracy functions, and we affirm our belief in our North Dakota State Constitution, which envisioned and structured a role for strong local government.

In accordance with these beliefs, we will work for the following objectives:
        1. To provide citizens at the local level an opportunity to assemble, discuss, and influence decisions concerning their own government.
        2. To provide an organizational structure for townships to act in common accord in regard to common concerns at the county level.
        3. To provide an organizational structure for townships to be represented in the state legislature processes so that the needs and issues of townships may be supports and implemented.
        4. To cooperate and act with the National Association of Towns and Townships and the National Center for Small Communities to secure for our rural communities just and proportionate treatment under Federal laws and programs.
        5. To formulate policies and make recommendations.
        6. To provide education, leadership and leadership training to all associated township members.