Steele County Communities

Steele County is home to two phenomenal school districts encompassing each of the four cities in the county. Rural schools offer a lower student to teacher ratio, while still fulfilling all of the requirements of the public education system. Classes are offered to teach students vocational skills, which are in high demand in rural North Dakota communities.

Each of the communities in Steele County welcomes new residents. Housing information can be found on the city websites or by contacting any of the local real estate agents. Housing incentives are offered to new residents in Hope and Finley. More information on those incentives can be found on the city websites as well.

Please take the time to visit our community information and school pages. These are excellent tools to assist you in learning more about the rural communities in Steele County. For relocation information or questions, contact the Steele County Economic Development Coordinator.



Colgate is a little town on the very southern edge of Steele County.

Colgate has some thriving businesses within the community.

Colgate is a non-incorporated community. It does not have a city government. The current approximate population is 26 people. 


The population of the city of Finley is 515. It is the county seat of Steele County and offers abundant opportunities for those looking to relocate and/or expand their business. Finley has premium space at very affordable prices, a favorable tax climate, affordable utilities, up-to-date technological capabilities, and a supportive business climate. This rural community is able to offer you the best that rural North Dakota has to offer, yet with Fargo 79 miles southeast and Grand Forks 65 miles to the northeast, you can still enjoy the conveniences of the city.

Finley offers a rich character of people in a community that is family oriented and has a low crime rate, affordable housing, a solid education system and multiple higher educational opportunities within a 75-minute drive. To learn more about Finley, visit the City of Finley website .  The Finley Website has a new community calendar to let you know about all the fun Finley events that are happening in the community.


Hope was founded in 1881, and was the county seat from 1883 to 1885. The city has a total area of .6 square miles, and a population of 303 (according to the 2000 census). Hope is located about 70 miles northwest of Fargo in the southwest corner of Steele County. There is a K-12 school, manufacturing plants, housing developments, and many tourist attractions including the Steele County Museum and the Hope Golf Course.

Hope is just a short drive to cities such as Valley City, Mayville, Cooperstown, and Hillsboro. The rural lifestyle encompasses a low crime rate, excellent education system, employment opportunities, affordable housing, and terrific recreational activities. To learn more about Hope, visit the City of Hope website. The Hope website has a new community calendar to keep you up to date on the Hope happenings!


According to the 2000 census, the population of Luverne is 44. It is located in southwest Steele County, about a mile north of the Steele County-Barnes County line, and 4 miles east of the Steele County-Griggs County line. The city is just a few miles away from Lake Ashtabula. The city has a total area of .3 square miles.

Luverne is home to a number of large farm operations, both grain, and livestock. There is also one church in Luverne: Luverne Lutheran Church. There are services held every Sunday in the recently constructed building, which also serves as a local community center. Luverne merged with the Hope-Page School district in the 1970s. Until that time, Luverne had its own K-12 school system.


Sharon has a population of 109 and is located in the northwest corner of Steele County. The city was founded in 1896 and has a total area of 1.6 square miles. Sharon is home to several successful businesses, including Enfield Heating and Cooling, Sheyenne Financial, Sharon Electric Motor Repair, Smokey’s bar, and Ag Warehouse. There is also one church in Sharon: Sharon Trinity Lutheran Church.