Children and Family Services

The Children and Family Services division provides a variety of services to local citizens. The goal of this work unit is to promote safety, permanency and supportive services to children and families. Services are provided under the support of a case manager. Services provided include:

Suspected Child Abuse & Neglect Assessment Services
A program that provides for an assessment of allegations of suspected child abuse or neglect and determines if a family needs services. Based on the outcome of the assessment, families may be recommended or required to participate in services.

Child Care Licensing and Registration
All individuals caring for more than four infants or six unrelated children must be licensed or registered in the State of North Dakota. Licensing requires minimal standards for care and the physical environment of where the care is occurring. Agassiz Valley Human Service Zone is the agency designated to complete licensing studies for child care homes, groups and centers for Traill and Steele Counties. Additionally, Agassiz Valley Human Service Zone provides ongoing monitoring of licensed child care homes/facilities in our community.

Protective Services (Foster Care)
A process of placing children who are in care, custody and control of the county into a form of out-of-home placement. This may include relative care, foster care or residential care. Part of this process also includes development of individualized family service plans designed to support families in reunification or other permanency options.

Family Case Management Services
A range of services that includes therapeutic invention and case management for families that have been identified with children in out-of-home placement or at imminent risk of out-of-home placement. Each service plan is individualized for the family unit. Participation in these services by the family may be voluntary or involuntary (e.g. court ordered). Identified services may be provided by the county or through collaboration with various service providers under the coordination of the case manager.

Family Foster Care Licensing
A service that recruits, trains and recommends licensing for the care of children in need of out-of-home placement. This process includes a home study, background checks and references prior to determination of license status.

Family Preservation Case Management
Time-limited, service care coordination that is provided to the family within their own home environment. Through case management, the family identifies a common goal or goals. Together, the family, agency and collaborative partners work together to identify resources and assist the family in moving toward those goals.

Home and Custody Studies
A service ordered by the District Court of North Dakota to assist the court in determining the needs and best interests of children in family issues.

Information and Referral
Assistance is provided regarding resources in areas such as employment or training, housing, transportation, senior services, legal, financial, medical, therapeutic services, mental health services or other public/private human service partners.

Interstate Compact Services
A service permitting families and children to receive services from Agassiz Valley Human Service Zone on behalf of another state. It also permits Agassiz Valley Human Service Zone to request services for families from another state.

Parent Aide Services
A service provided to families in their homes to provide education, hands-on tasks and support in order to meet identified goals and to prevent out-of-home placement.

Subsidized Adoption
A program designed to provide assistance to families that adopt special needs children with the goal of eliminating barriers to adoption and to bring permanency to children.

Wrap-Around Financial Assistance (Safety-Permanency Funds)
A financial assistance service that provides funds to eligible families to help prevent out-of-home placement of children. Other avenues of payment for these services must be not available to the family to be eligible for this assistance.

For additional information on Children and Family Services go to ND Department of Human Services.