Adult and Aging Services

Adult and Aging Services provides a variety of social service programming to the adult population of Agassiz Valley Human Service Zone are targeted toward adults who are frail, elderly, physically ill, disabled, vulnerable or seriously mentally ill. To help determine if an individual qualifies for services, an assessment is completed. During that time, potential service options are discussed. The primary goals of the services are to ensure that individuals will be allowed options to safely reside in the least restrictive environment; to prevent abuse, neglect, self-neglect or exploitation; and to promote self-care and independent living.

Adaptive Equipment
Agassiz Valley Human Service Zone offers a lending program to equip eligible citizens with adaptive equipment (bath chairs, wheeled walkers, etc.) to help enhance independence and safety in their home.

Adult Protective Services
Adult Protective Services include assessing reports regarding vulnerable individuals who are suspected to be victims of abuse, neglect, self-neglect or exploitation. During this process the situation is reviewed to determine if abuse/neglect has occurred, the level of risk and if formalized intervention is necessitated to protect the safety and well-being of the vulnerable adult. A variety of protective arrangements including guardianship, power of attorney and/or mental health commitments may be initiated when appropriate.

Case Management
A social work case manager meets with the individual to conduct a thorough assessment of his/her needs with the goal of promoting independence in the least restrictive environment. This assessment then is used to develop a care plan to aid in selecting or obtaining services and to coordinate those services.

Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS)
In-home services are provided to eligible aged/disabled individuals for the purpose of maintaining independent living. Under this program, Agassiz Valley Human Service Zone provides case management services as well as direct care (homemaker, chore and personal care service) to individuals to help support them in their homes. A variety of federal, state and county funds are used to provide these services to eligible Traill and Steele County citizens.

Information and Referral
Assistance is provided regarding resources in the area such as employment or training, housing, transportation, senior services, legal, financial, medical, mental health services or other public/private human service partners.

Qualified Service Providers
Qualified Service Providers are individuals or agencies that have agreed to provide services to clients who receive services funded by the North Dakota Department of Human Services. State law requires that people who are eligible for home- and community-based services be free to choose among available qualified service providers that offer competitively priced services. Qualified Service Providers are considered independent contractors that have met certain competency standards required to provide services to eligible clients. If you are interested in becoming a Qualified Service Provider or desire a listing of Qualified Service Providers in the county, contact Agassiz Valley Human Service Zone.

For additional information on Adult and Aging Services, go to ND Department of Human Services.